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Carmen Sam

The staff very friendly...room also clean and it
not too expensive...got many special drawing on
the wall...i love it so much...hope i can went
there again...

Sally Ong

I visited Sungei Lembing on last May with my friend. It was a wonderful experience. We visited rainbow waterfall and panorama hill. Mr and Mrs Hoh were awesome! They prepared a sumptuous bbq dinner and drove us to the town bus stop to wait for bus back to Kuantan bus terminal. Thank you, Mr Yap for teaching us how to light the kong ming lantern and fireworks. And you know what, I will be going back again tomorrow! Can't wait to visit you all again. Yeah!

Kok Shuh Hong

Never expect SL will have such a luxurous resort, the boss and the staff are all friendly and make me feel welcome!

I think they can suggest toursite to the tin mines also, coz its a new wonder to me, i think its same for the others too!

The jagung is nice! me and my roommate wonder if the papaya that we ate is plant themselve?

Sidney Low

Thank you Mr Ho, Mrs Ho & Mr Yap for a
wonderful hospitality, food & adventurous
experience at Sg. Lembing. It is a precious
memory for the group with your presence.
Looking forward to our next trip again soon!


The food that was prepared by Mr. Hoh and team was great! I love the BBQ wings and also the salad!

Not forgetting Mr. Yap! The skilful driver who drove us in his 4 wheel up to the waterfall. Rocky journey but we were all safely up and safely down.

Overall, it was a great experience and we have got a great hospitality from the team! Thumbs up!! Will definitely be back!

Anne Low (again)

It has been great that Uncle Hoh accepted our BBQ request again...it was great to be able to catch up with you...Thumbs up for BBQ LAMB and PRAWNS (Ori)..We love the new buidling which is more comfortable and less stuffy :) Bravo Uncle Hoh, AUNTIE, our caring guide to rainbow waterfall and last but not least the 4WD monster.....

Lembing Riverview Resort

Thanks for all the review and feedback given.

Happy new year 2013, and we will keep improving ourselves and try to suit all the guest needs.

leong heng chee

our church group of 26 stayed at Mr Hoh's
resort from 13th to 15th nov 2012. After
the 2N3D stay and visit, we were totally
satisfied with what is mentioned in his
webpage. Visits to the Rainbow waterfall,
Panorama morning sunrise watch are the two
top attractions. our visit to the musuem
was very educational, bringing us back to
the past glory of Sungei Lembing.Folks in
town were friendly and chatty. The hawkers
food especially their popular noodles that
goes with stuffed yeong tau foo must not
be missed.
We were very impressed with the
hospitality shown by Mr Hoh and his
staffs. Our special thanks to Mrs Hoh who
took pride in her BBQ food which visitors
must not skip; talking to Mr Hoh enabled
us to understand the history of the town
where his father was one of the staffs of
the British company. we recommend highly
Lembing Riverview to other visitors. For
sure, we would come back again to this
resort. Lastly, do spend time at the
riverside at this resort,be alone to hear
the sound of the water, feel the pulses of
the residents of the town, share their
dream that Sungei Lembing will flourish as
a unique, affordable tourist spot offering
nature, history, and a contrast with city
life. Thank you Mr and Mrs Hoh and all
your staffs.

和丰Ah Tan

To all of the LRR staffs, First of all would like to thanks a lot to Mr. Hor and his loved Wife, who provide us a warming, hospitality and awesome accommodation as well as the delicious BBQ meal, especially the roasted chicken wing, lamb, fish etc. At the same time also appreciated the time sharing with us on your stories, country big news, interesting topics for the whole night, which benefits us a lot! What was let us feeling most warming was speaking our local dialect – Hakka. :> Moreover, the rainbow waterfall adventure also unforgettable among of us. Thanks to Mr. Yap and our 4x4 tour driver. It was quite special having the Maggie me and Milo front of the rainbow waterfall. Although the rainbow was not beauty enough for this time, but it is considered a quite amazing and most beautiful scene for us. Last but not least, Sg. Lembing really a paradise in our country – Malaysia. Hopefully this piece of Pure Land would be damaged in the future time. For the time being, Lembing River Resort and Sg. Lembing are no doubt the first priority recommendation to our friends.

Suzee & Families

Indeed we are so blessed to have experience one of the most magical moment of our lives. Imagine having the whole rainbow-waterfall to the 12 of us! and the breath-taking sunrise-view at the Panaroma Hill!) The simplicity and warm hospitality of this resort is a perfect getaway for us all to destress and unwind. We are so blessed to have meet Mrs Hoh and her assistants, who is always there to render their first-class service. Our greatest appreciation and thank-you all for making our holiday so memorable and we will definitely be there again! I highly recommend this resort to everyone, who is looking for an awesome holiday!

Edmund & Ms. Loo

Highly recommended & thumbs up resort! The resort owner Mr. & Mrs. Hoh - friendly, helpful, and chatty to show us around the local delight of Sungai Lembing. The wall designed painted from the owner's daughter creative ideas make the whole resort so outstanding. Room - simple, clean and neat! our 3 days 2 nights stayed at Lembing riverview resort left us a so sweet memory. Though we didnt make it to signature spot - Rainbow falls due to rain. We will definately go back for rainbow falls again for sure! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hoh for your great hospitality & warmth welcome.

Lembing Riverview Resort

Thank you everyone for the support! Anne, Great that you love it much! Xe Khai, maybe you can plan for a trip and stay here. Keegan, Plan for next reunion here again? Jelly, Thank you! Louis, great that you love it much! WE ARE in the processing building more and more rooms to accommodate everyone of you. Stay tune!


this website is wonderful!!! provided with all great and useful information plus kindly picture guiding as well. a very caring and nice website and nice place to go as well =)

Jelly chai

This website is awesome!!!!


Celebrating our best friend reunion at lembing riverview resort. its superb time for us. mr and mrs hoh bbq its really nice.. and thanks mr hoh for the "kuan ming" light.. wish u health always and recover fast

Liew Xe Khai


Anne Low

Thank you Mr Hoh for the BBQ fish....was delicious.....Ichiban service....

Lembing Riverview Resort

Thank you Gerelynn, l0llip0p, shyshy and Moky. Hope you guys really enjoy in our place and visit us again! P/S: We are trying hard to upgrade our resort with your comments. Thanks! CHEERS!! =p


Nice place to visit,hang up and stay.Franly, u will never regret to put up not even one nite here. Strongly recommend to others.......haha! most impressive was that 'old Rambutan tree' have a big 'hole' for those sleepless fren to whisper and talk to that 'hole' .....Mr. Hoh ~ hoh say neh!


this is the best resort i had ever stay. It's very clean,beautiful n nice. N the owner is very very friendly. Alot of activities can be done here. Eg. volleyball, bbq, fishing, playing in the river n much more.. n even karaoke. I highly recommend this resort when u go to sg. lembing for trip. Hidden Paradise, ROCKS!!!!!


The best hotel in Sg Lembing with affordable price!!! Giving 5 star for cleanliness, comfortable-- A very nice bed, attached bathroom with hot shower!!!, safe parking spot, air conditional, refrigerator, freezer as well, kitchen for common use (doing own meal), bbq accessories, comfort living room...

The best among all is just few steps walk to river and we had a great day playing with water!!!! And too having a delicious BBQ dinner *yummy*

Thus I strongly recommend it to your guys!

The ever clean and comfort!!


It is a comfortable and warm homestay.Good job :)