Rainbow Waterfall
We are assisting in arranging trip to Rainbow Waterfall which cost RM60 per person (to and fro) [ it is not run by us ], the itinerary is start with picking you up from our resort at 5.30 am by 4-Wheel-Drive, sending you for a breakfast in town before departure to waterfall. Then sending you to waterfall by 4WD which take about 45 minutes and you have to do adventure forest walk for another 40 minutes. Don't worry, tour guide is included until you reach to waterfall. You won't get lost in it!! Of course, a way back to our resort about the noon time. Permit to Jabatan Tanah is included. You will be provided a drink + instant food cooked with natural water as well)

However, if there are less than 7 person of you going to the Rainbow Waterfall, you would have to book the entire 4-wheel drive for RM300 (Not RM50 per person anymore).

Panorama Hill
Panorama Hill is just 5 minutes drive from our resort. Depart from our resort from 5.30am and hike up to Panorama Hill for sunrise and enjoy the bird' eye view of the Sg. Lembing Town.

Sungai Lembing Main Bazaar
5 Minutes drive from the resort by car. Or you can rent a bicycle from us for some simple exercise, yea, cycling. Or you can opt to walk, a short-cut via oldest hanging bridge of Sg. Lembing which take about 10 minutes to arrive the main bazaar.